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Enotria the land of wine

Enotria: This is the name that the ancient Greeks gave to the Italic Peninsula of the soft climate like the wine which it produces and the Italians, one knows who love to distinguish themselves by. This is the reason that over the centuries such a rich choice is now available: Almost one thousand vine autoctons that give wonderful and very special wines

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ITALIAN TERROIR Autochthonous limited editions. After the pioneering era, now these wines have become the object of worship....
Enzo Vizzari L'Espresso 11/04/2013
THE LOCAL WINE WINS “Not just Barolo and Sassicaia. The global market discovers the thousand wines of Italy and the Autocton vines are the new frontier of Italian wine”...
cit. da Emanuele Coen L'Espresso 11/Aprile/2013

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